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What is it?

You can build a list by attracting new leads, nurture those leads by sending them content and answering their questions, and ultimately convert those leads into new paying customers.

Conceptually, it’s similar to how Email Marketing works. But in practice, Messenger Marketing works much differently than email. It’s much more conversational— with Messenger Marketing people are looking for a conversation that feels 1-1, where emails from most businesses are one to many. Also unlike email (where open and click-through rates continue to decline year after year), Messenger Marketing is actually growing.


What are the benefits?

It all starts with the customer getting to know your business but also building a database that you can use to promote

Your Business.

Engagements with the messenger bot opt customers in to the database enabling you to keep them up-to-date with specials, promos, events and much more directly into their messenger inbox!

How does it work? 

There are many layers to Facebook Messenger Marketing, but lets start here with "Your Business". Scroll down to see how it works....




Facebook Comments Growth Tool is an awesome feature that can help you bring lots of Subscribers to your bot right from your FB Fan Page's posts. Commenting on a post prompt the bot to send them a message relating to the post, promoting further conversation. 

Check out this example from PK Pool & Spa Care, we put together a giveaway post for them (including the graphic) and linked our messenger bot to the post to maximise opt ins from the competition comments.