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Provide your customers with the convenience (and safety) of online ordering for less than the price of your daily cup of coffee...

Are you a local business and want your OWN delivery platform?? Are you sick of paying high commissions to third parties??


Proud Marketing can set you up with a seamless online ordering experience that is rewarding for both you and your customers without taking ANY commission per transaction.


  • No lock in contracts

  • Full customisation

  • Commission-free

  • No need to purchase new equipment



Commission FREE, no lock-in contracts




Break free from paying 3rd parties a commission to reach your customers and make online ordering so easy that your customers think of you first, before anyone else!


Set custom delivery zones, fees, and even pick-up times.

You can even draw your delivery areas on a map so you can make every delivery work perfectly for your business.



Instantly reach out to your customers whenever you want with personalised offers.

Target them individually, or put them into groups and shout out incentives right to their phones— for free! 


Integrate with any of our POS providers.

Detailed product sales reporting.

Full menu control. 


As part of your monthly fee you receive free on hand support. A problem in store? Based in WA we are here to help face-to-face (if within reach) and by video/phone. 

  • How can people access my online ordering?
    So, you’re going to want links and widgets to put on your website; Facebook; Instagram and google business pages so as many customers as possible can order from you. If you’re no techy and don’t know how to put these live. We’ll happily do it all for you.
  • Can I offer delivery?
    The WOWAPPS system allows you to create a delivery radius or individually select suburbs that you want to deliver to. You can even set different delivery prices for different suburbs.
  • Can I control my pick up and delivery times?
    You can set your own pick-up and delivery times – have your default times set, but come Friday night and you’re getting smashed you can change that time with the swipe curser.
  • Does your system integrate with my POS?
    This one is always going to depend on what POS you are using but I must say we have the best Kounta integration anywhere. If you don’t use Kounta, if your printer is compatible (most Epson’s are), through your internet we can print the orders straight to one designated printer.
  • How quickly can I make changes to online ordering?
    If your online ordering doesn’t allow you to update instantly – change! You don’t have to be a genius to know that if you sell out of something you want it off the menu immediately.
  • Can I have special terms and conditions?
    ‘we only deliver to the door’ - you can thank corona virus for that one!
  • What commissions do you take on orders?
    Now this is an important question! We take 3 types of commission - zip, zero, and nada! That’s right we take no commission on you online orders. You can thank Uber and every predatory aggregator that is for that one.
  • Can I offer discounts and promotions?
    Two for one Pizzas? 20% off your order? Spend $50 and $20 off: Yes, Yes and Yes, this system does it all!
  • Can I up-sell?
    Super important – this system you have the options to add modifiers as you see fit to any menu item and even make them mandatory: Double bacon cheese burger – want fries with that?
  • Who owns the data?
    You do! Every order builds you a database of customers you can retarget. At WOWAPPS we don’t retarget your customers with promotions of others.
  • How can I contact for support?
    Proud Marketing of course! As part of your monthly fee you receive our free on hand support. A problem in store? Based in WA we are here to help face-to-face (if within reach) and by video/phone.


Monthly System Subscription - $100/month

Don’t pay 30 to 35% of the cost of an order to an online ordering company. Don’t even pay 8 to 12%! For a low flat fee of just $3.25 per day (paid monthly) we’ll set you up with a seamless online ordering experience that is rewarding for both you and your customers. Remember we do not charge any commission per transaction much like Uber or Menulog.

Payment Gateaway Charges 

To accept card payments we do need to use a payment gateway, this system uses "Stripe" which you may be familiar with. Stripe charges the following:

1.75% + A$0.30 for domestic cards

2.9% + A$0.30 for International cards

HOWEVER, with this system you can pass this fee onto the customer. Eg based on a $100 order Stripe charges $2.05, (1.75% + 30 cents). The total charge to the customer would be $102.05.

Set Up Costs - Enquire for Price

Proud Marketing can take care of all the set up for you. 

  • SYSTEM SET UP including product upload, delivery areas





When your business is reopen, you can take advantage of the online ordering system. You can control all your restaurant/cafe bookings through the same app. You guessed it, this is also commission free and is included in your subscription! 
How cool is this! Another feature as part of your subscription is your very own app. Proud Marketing can assist you in the build of your app, this will enable your customers to book, order, check out updates & news AND earn loyalty rewards. 
Want to give back to your customers? Customers can earn rewards through the loyalty system. 
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