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We hear you! Stephen Carter owner of Proud Marketing is a frequent traveller to Bali and understands the current frustrations entering Bali with the new visa requirements. 

That's why we have created a one stop shop for you to make your entry into Bali a smart & smooth one using the all new quick & easy E-Gates. No need to be waiting in long immigration lines for hours - Proud Pass to the rescue! 

The Benefits of having the eVOA (Electronic Visa On Arrival) with Proud Pass means you can use the Smart Gate at immigration instead of the Visa On Arrival Payment or the Immigration line to verify you passport. Yeah that's right you can bypass two lines!

Proud Pass PLUS including the new Tourist Levy!

Let's get started!

1. Scroll Down and complete the Proud Pass form. Hit order now on the form which will proceed to payment & submission. 
2) We will then Proceed to register your EVOA & Tourist Levy.
3) Once your eVisa On Arrival is granted, It will be emailed to you. Our team will then email you your e-Visa On Arrival as a PDF.

4) Your Tourist levy will also be emailed to you By Love Bali. 

Pricing Per Person - $89.00 AUD including all fees


  • This PAYMENT IS NON REFUNDABLE after the eVOA is issued

  • This eVOA is valid for a maximum of 30 days stay when you enter Bali

  • The Visa is extendable by us for another 30 days and a payment of $69.00

  • This eVOA is valid only for Tourism, Family visit & transit

  • Price is automatically added after you choose the total of eVOA's Required. 

Further Information:

Proud Marketing completes the eVOA following once payment is received. The eVOA would be processed within 24hours after all your documents are accepted by Proud Marketing. (we will contact you if we need further information) 

  • Documents we need: Picture of Passport, Screenshot of Return Flight Ticket & Selfie picture.

  • Documents are available to send to Proud Marketing team via upload to the form. Whatsapp ( +61474699041 ) or Text message 

  • Proud marketing will send you The EVOA & Tourist Levy Voucher via email.

Proud Pass PLUS

Simple & Smooth!


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